Bridges to Prosperity 2019 : here we go !
Once again this year, Freyssinet is supporting NGO Bridges to Prosperity in a footbridge project in Uganda. Find out more about the mission and the Freyssinet volunteers for this great adventure!

After the success of last year, Freyssinet is getting involved once again with the American NGO Bridges to Prosperity for a new footbridge project in Uganda in partnership with the Swiss company T-Ingénierie. In total, five volunteers were selected from each of the two companies to help build the Kapkwomboloi bridge in Uganda. They will depart for two weeks in January 2019 to supervise the project, exchange skills and provide help on the ground.

Freyssinet Team:

Left to right :

Nicolas Kaczkowski
, Freyssinet Technical Department (Paris based)

Laetitia Dubois
, Freyssinet Major Projects Department (Paris based)

Pham Duy Quyet
, Freyssinet Vietnam

Wojciech Kazek
, Freyssinet UK

Bart Degreef
, Freyssinet Belgique

The bridge built with the help of the Freyssinet and T- Ingénierie volunteers will improve the everyday lives of Kurumbono community, which is made up of around 650 people mainly living off the land. Locals currently have to cross the river using tree trunks to go to the market, health centers and schools. The tree trunks are dangerous enough in dry weather, but can't be crossed during flood season, over 50 people have already been injured attempting river crossings without a safe access. The Kapkwomboloi Suspended Bridge will provide safe, year round access for the members of the community.

Bridges to Prosperity - Kapkwombola Uganda 2019
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